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S1 Ep12 - It's a Mind Trip! Virtual Travel Meditation with P.K. Maxx

Virtual Travel: How does it work? What are the benefits? How do you prepare? YouTube offers a number of Virtual Travel Experiences. I tried P.K. Maxx's relaxing, healing India and China experiences. I find it to be a wonderful way to relax, get rid of stress, and let my mind wander. P.K. shares how she develops these meditations and how you best experience them. You can find her videos on her YouTube channel: P.K. Maxx Hypnotherapist. Her website:  Season 1 of Let's Travel! was a lot of fun for me to produce. Thank you for participating, listening and subscribing. We will be back with Season 2 after a short break. Be safe and Bon Voyage! 
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F.E.A.R. - Explained by Hypnotherapist P.K. Maxx

We are facing a really stressful weekend. Positive Thinking will make it easier. F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real - this concept is an eye opener and my guest, hypno-therapist and life coach P.K. Maxx explains how negative thinking can start out small and turn into a big vicious cycle. Mind and Body are connected. Negative thought literally affects your cellular makeup. P.K. tells us how we can flip the switch and get to positive thinking and results. P.K. Maxx website:

Special Report: How To Flip The Switch To Positive with Dr. Chaz Austin, P.K. Maxx and Melody Heller

When I started this podcast in spring we all thought that our travel and event world would recover by fall. Things were looking up.  Now we are in the midst of the next pandemic wave and more cancellations and postponements are pouring in. I decided to create a special report because I have had great help during the last year and a half to remain positive and hopeful. It's all about perspective and finding new opportunities. I am very grateful that my career coach, Dr. Chaz Austin,  hypnotherapist and life coach P.K. Maxx and Melody Heller, aromatherapist and reiki master, are happy to share practical advice on what to do to fight the blues.  Medical disclaimer: P.K. Maxx and Melody Heller are both certified professionals in their respective fields. Hypnotherapy and aroma therapy are great tools but please consult with a medical professional.  But now: lots of great tips in just 40 minutes. Here we go! How to think positive, how to switch careers now, how to find work now, F.E.A.R.

Southern California Weekend Ideas: Plan a Staycation

Dream Big! The Visit California commercials have inspired me. Power lunch in Beverly Hills, Venice Boardwalk Shows, Mural Art tours in Downtown, or a quick San Diego Getaway - and many more options for all kinds of fun and experiences, relaxing or exciting. You pick!  Good links to start:

How To Find A Great Tour Guide - with Jon Olivan, VP of Programs, SoCal...

Tour guides are the face of a city, your ambassador and host in the location. As domestic tourism in the USA rebounds, tour guides are slowly getting back to work. But many have left the industry. Episode 9 of Let's Travel! explores what tour guides are doing right now, which organizations can best support them and our visitors and how you can find a tour guide now! Don't become the victim of a scam. Get a guide to have a great experience and wonderful memories,    Links:  Southern California Tour Guide Assocation: Email: International Association of Tour Directors & Guides:

Vegas, Baby! Roaming Reporter Laura Siebold Visits The Brand New Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

How is Las Vegas now? Laura Siebold, travel agent, reports from the Strip, Linq Casino Promenade, the Flamingos in the Flamingo Hotel and Bellagio's Conservatory. Tips on great shopping and new quick restaurants, the best ice cream, Gordon Ramsey's Fish&Chips. The main reason for her visit: a professional site visit to the brand new Virgin Hotels Las Vegas and its indoor/outdoor restaurants, Kassi Beach Club and Casa Calavera. PODCAST:  YOUTUBE VIDEO: Laura Siebold Reporting: The Itinerary: LAX to LAS  McCarran Airport -> RideShare Linq Hotel & Casino Promenade: Sweet Sin, In’N’Out, Honolulu Cookies, Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips (video) Bellagio Cosmopolitan Virgin Hotels Las Vegas/Kassi BeachClub  The Flight and Arrival at McCarran Airport Instructions: LAX to LAS I recently went on my first post-pandemic flight – LAX to Las Vegas. I checked in online and only had a carry-on which made the whole process quick and easy. Security took about 3 minutes and the fligh

Please Meet Our New Roaming Reporter: Laura Siebold

I started the "Let's Travel!" Podcast simply to reconnect with my tourism and travel industry colleagues and friends. I am really grateful for the great response to the stories and the wonderful conversations I have had the privilege to record and share. Great news to share today: Laura Siebold is joining "Let's Travel!" as roaming reporter! Laura is busy traveling around the Western states to check out brand new hotels and experiences this summer as travel rebounds. The first episode will launch on Tuesday, July 20th. What happened at her destination won't stay there! "Let's Travel!" is available on my blog, YouTube and all large podcast platforms. #travel #tourism #adventure #holidays #traveling #vacation #travelgram #podcast #hotels #travelagent